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Our Insurance Service

Insurance coverage is essential when transporting household goods. Despite employing top-notch packing and secure transportation, unforeseeable events like accidents, fire, sabotage, natural calamities, etc., can result in damages to the goods. That's why we emphasize the necessity of having insurance it's a non-negotiable requirement.

The well-known insurance option is "All Risk Insurance," with a premium amounting to 2.5% of the total declared value. This coverage ensures compensation for damages or losses in any of the aforementioned circumstances. Undoubtedly, it offers the most comprehensive risk cover, making it the optimal choice.

Another alternative is "Total Loss Insurance," with a premium of approximately 2%. Under this type of insurance, compensation is only provided if the Complete Shipment is lost, and it does not cover damages to individual items. Nevertheless, we value our customers' autonomy, and the decision remains entirely in their hands. Their choice will be final in determining the level of protection they prefer.

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